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Troober - Your Mobile Car Scratch and Dent Repair Specialist

Tired of minor car damage? Scratches, dents, scuffs? Troober is your one-stop mobile minor car damage repair solution!

About Troober

Troober has been fixing minor car damage since 2018 right at your doorstep.

From car dents and scratches to windscreen chips, Troober is your minor car damage repair specialist.

The Troober app connects you with expert technicians who fix your car at your home or office, saving you time and money.

Troober encourages our users to post any existing damage to our mobile app for a quick cost-effective alternative solution. Troober has mobile repair teams and also uses traditional panel shop repairers.

Troober also offers Prime memberships that give you unlimited repairs for just $50 each, covering all your minor damage needs. No more dealing with traditional repair shops or expensive insurance claims.

The Troober team is fully committed to bringing and easy to use cost-effective way to have car damage repaired with no huge out of pocket expenses. All our reconditioning experts are among the best in the business with the latest small repair technology, our motto is to bring you personalized high-quality customer service.

Get a free quote in minutes! Download the Troober app today and experience the Troober difference.

What minor car damage can Troober fix?

  • - Car dings, dents, and scratches (even on your alloy wheels!)
  • - Bumper scuffs and body kit scrapes
  • - Cosmetic touch-ups and side mirror scrapes
  • - Surface scratches
  • - Windscreen chips
  • - Alloy wheel damage repairs
  • - PDR or paintless dent removal

Why choose Troober?

  • Mobile Repairs: Upload your car's damage photos to our app, and we'll send a technician to you. No workshop hassle!
  • Affordable: Fix minor damage for just $50 with our Troober Prime membership (monthly or yearly plans available).
  • Quality work: Our car damage repair experts are the best in the biz, using the latest technology to make your car shine again.
  • Personalized service: We're here to make the process easy and stress-free.

Save your no-claims bonus and avoid hefty excess fees. Troober Prime is the smart way to keep your car looking its best, every day.

Troober Prime gives you an alternative to having to use up your no claims bonus or pay high excess fees which costs more in the long term.


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